Real problems in a high pressured society

I have decided to focus my blog on the immense pressures that society has placed on the world regarding body image and appearance. My audience will mostly be targeted to college students, since we are being “trained” for the real world and will have to know how to deal with this pressure as we get older. I have also chosen college students because this is the time where we join clubs, sororities, fraternities, etc. and there is always some sort of competition factor, whether we realize this or not.

Society’s Depiction of “Looking Good” vs. Reality



This is a real problem that has led to catastrophic effects on people throughout the world. These effects have including serious mental issues associated with eating disorders that can eventually lead to death. 

The problem starts as soon as the innocent, 13-year-old girl picks up a magazine portraying her favorite celebrity that looks a certain way. The pressure to be skinny even affects celebrities themselves, who frequently enter rehabilitation facilities.

I feel as though by starting this blog, in addition to campaigns like Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty and Khloe Kardashian for Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked, I can make people more aware that the emaciated look of these high fashion models who are depicted on the covers of magazines are not ideal examples of beauty and perfection, contrary to what they are supposed to be representing and how the media interprets this.

~ by jklein0414 on September 8, 2009.

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