“Paparazzi” at Radio City…

Good afternoon!

As we all know, MTV’s Video Music Awards aired on Sunday night. 


This 3-hour long explicit yet entertaining show allowed the public to see the good and bad sides of Hollywood and the entertainment world. With that being said, how do I even begin to compare the mind blowing opening dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson, to the ridiculous and freaky portrayal of Lady Gaga covered in fake blood hanging from a rope, to Kanye’s most egotistic move yet, to Beyonce’s Single Ladies performance.

The King of Pop must be rolling over in his grave – Lady Gaga, while I find you to be extremely talented and I love dancing to your beats, I can’t get over how scary and unappealing your performance was. Kanye – In the words of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you really are a gay fish. And Beyonce, you are not single anymore, I love your moves – but stop with the ironic lyrics. You’re wifed up and you love that Jay already put a ring on it. 

Now to the good stuff, let’s focus on the fashion- shall we? I remember when I was in middle school watching Britney Spears perform “Satisfaction”/”Oops! I Did it Again” on the VMA’s. After watching, (I was dancing at the time), I asked my mom if I could buy a costume just like that for my next competition. I can only imagine what little girls are asking their moms after they watched Lady Gaga’s performance (and all of her looks that night). She’s half naked, and she fakes death at the end. While they both wore next to nothing, at least Britney’s show was normal…

As for the rest of the outfits, Taylor Swift was a class act.

What do we think of Alessandra Ambrosio? She’s beautiful and skinny – society’s depiction of flawless. Stay tuned…

~ by jklein0414 on September 17, 2009.

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